Selling Your Home


How much is Your Home Worth?

Of course you want to know how much your home is worth, that is your first question and you’ve probably already visited Zillow. Well, this price is usually highly inaccurate but fun to check nonetheless. For a more accurate assessment of pricing a home, a Realtor® relies on other active listings, closed transactions and even expired listings found on the MLS. To compare the data we retrieve, we compile it all in some online program – there are many. I use Cloud CMA and I encourage you now to click on the text in the heading to get your own estimate of value. Keep in mind, BUYERS SET THE PRICE. You should only consider your listing price a highly suggested amount.

Compare Realtors!

Hopefully when you choose a bank, you research what is out there. I think you should find out what car you like before you buy it. There are menu options for a reason – not everyone likes onion blossoms. What am I talking about? CHOICE! So much of the real estate transaction will be out of your control. You have to let inspectors stomp all over your property and paperwork is flying back and forth so what can you control? What Realtor® you want helping you.

I would love to assist you in your listing because I care. I’ve been through the process on a personal basis and I know the stress of possibly the biggest financial transaction of your life. Coupled with that, you will move all of your possessions in a place you’ve probably lived in for years. Click on the title to get a list of questions Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices suggests to help you make your Realtor® decision.


Preparing Your Home

Curb appeal will get people into your home but the inside must be clean and uncluttered. Any good realtor will advise you on how to best show your home. Remember, everything you invest in your selling your home will come back to you! Painting and placing items in storage is probably a must so don’t fight it.  Enjoy the process of purging unnecessary items and organizing long-ignored piles.  Here are a couple of great links regarding home preparation.

Homeowner’s Perspective

HGTV Suggestions


Ultimately, the buyer will be setting the price of your home. Remember that you are suggesting what you think the home is worth when you decide upon a list price. Knowing your market will help you and your realtor so let me set up a market analysis of your home. For more information CLICK HERE.

My biggest word of wisdom – disclose. Yep. Disclose everything when the buyer is still in the honeymoon phase of loving your home. Most everything will go down better in the beginning or, maybe, you’ll get out of a bad deal faster! Just as your expectations of price have to meet with a buyer’s, the buyer’s expectations need to be based upon full disclosure.