Amelinda Smith Parkinson

Since her teen years, Amelinda has worked in the entertainment industry as a professional Union actress. She cut her teeth doing commercials but found more success in television. She has modeled through Nina Blanchard’s agency,  interned at Susan Nathe’s commerical agency, done extra and principal work on tv and film, worked in production and has written scripts. She has been married to a child actor, been besties with hollywood actors and lived all over Los Angeles.  All of this life and work experience has given her an appreciation for content creators, and a love of the industry. One of her sayings:  That which doesn’t kill you can still maim and cripple so try not to be stupid.

Amelinda loves pumpkin pie at Urth Caffé, having motorhome adventures with her family, but spends most of her “free” time reading for work . Growing up in the San Gabriel valley, going to school at UC Irvine and living all over Los Angeles, she is very familiar with most of Southern California and agrees that traffic is officially out of control.

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